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Veterans Day

posted Nov 16, 2015, 1:24 PM by Christine Roman
November 13, 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our Veterans Day assembly is always one of my favorite days within our school calendar.  Although I know that coming together as a school community will not help our success on any standardized test, I believe our time spent learning the songs, listening to our veterans and showing our appreciation are more important.  Below are the words I shared with our faculty, staff, students, families and veterans.  I hope we realize Veterans Day really should be every day and not just November 11th. 

It is my pleasure to welcome our honored guests, our veterans, to our assembly today as well as our families and friends.  I would also like to thank our superintendent, Stacy Buckley, for joining us today.  We also need to take the time to thank our faculty and staff who served on our Veterans Day Committee for putting together today’s event.As I have watched TV over the past week, some companies are honoring veterans by asking us to shine a green lightbulb in our house, while others are providing discounts to local veterans if they purchase a car or dine in their establishments.  Here at school, we are showing our appreciation by taking time out of our academic day to gather together, to sing, talk, and present a small token of thanks to our service men and women. 

With our busy schedules, hectic calendars, daily responsibilities and constant need to be connected to our technology, I 
feel it is important that we take this time as a school community to pause, slow down, and reflect on the sacrifices our 
military personnel and families have endured for our freedoms.  They all spent time away from family and friends to keep us safe.  These individuals missed holidays, birthdays, basketball games and bedtime stories in order to serve and protect our country.  When the orders arrived, these men and women did not hesitate to put themselves in harm’s way to help, support and preserve our liberties and freedoms.  Some gave the ultimate sacrifice and did not return home, while many others have returned home.  

Sometimes it is hard to recognize our veterans because they become camouflaged into our society.  However, if we stop to look closer, we find these individuals all around us. They are our neighbors, relatives, members in our church, and the homeless.  We, as an entire nation, need to be looking at these brave men and women as our heroes, and not Tom Brady, Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift.  So, it is my hope that on Wednesday, our students and staff understand the true reason why we have the day off.  If you are out shopping and you notice a person wearing a baseball hat representing his unit—thank the person for his service.  If your neighbor served in the military, bake her cookies or rake her leaves.  And if the veteran is a relative, reach out to him and show your appreciation. 

No matter how many times our students read in history books or hear teachers talk about the different conflicts and wars, having the opportunity and ability for them to see, greet, touch and hear from you—our veterans—makes all the difference. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to join us and for your service.

Have a great weekend--