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Super Heroes

posted May 14, 2017, 1:23 PM by Christine Roman

May 12, 2017


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Our PTO and families have done an amazing job this week, celebrating our faculty and staff by using the super hero theme!  Today our students, faculty and staff had an opportunity to dress as super heroes.  It has been fun to see the variety of t-shirts, costumes and masks.  I also loved that a few students dressed as military personnel, fire fighters, teachers and police officers.


Growing up with a dad in education and now with my years of experience, teaching has changed and evolved over time.  Even in my own experience, I would say teaching now is far more stressful and challenging.  You would think that now with advances in technology, expansion of resources (i.e., numerous curriculum choices/Teacher-Pay-Teacher) and assessment tools, teaching would be easier.  Sometimes more is not always the best!  Also, teachers can no longer be the adult at the front of the room, delivering their knowledge (which, in my opinion, is a good thing).  They need to understand and effectively manage classroom behaviors, engage students who have lived from birth with access to digital devices, know that their classroom assessment scores will be shared and ranked by the local newspaper and be diverse not just in their own curriculum but with assessment, special education and basic first aid.


This week, students and parents were invited to write words of appreciation to our faculty and staff.  Here are just a few:

·         You understand me and bring out the best in me

·         You are patient and kind

·         You always have a smile on your face

·         You help us when we are stumped or stuck

·         You help me with words

·         You come up with fun and creative ways to teach

We are fortunate to have a group of dedicated, talented and compassionate adults working with our students throughout their entire school day!  We are also lucky to have an amazing partnership with our families and support from our local community.


The best part of my day is seeing smiles on faces and the positive interactions between adults and children!


Have a great weekend!