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September 28, 2018

posted Sep 30, 2018, 6:51 AM by Christine Roman
Dear Parent and Guardians,

I can’t believe that we will be turning our calendars to October at the beginning of next week. The school year is already flying by! I just finished up our first data meetings with classroom teachers, our literacy specialist and our special education teacher. We analyzed the data, spoke about students’ strengths and unfinished learning, and developed strategies to move all students forward in their knowledge.

This week, I also spent some time reading several articles in Education Week, which is an education magazine that highlights relevant topics in classrooms. Here is a summary of the articles I read. I am sorry that I don’t have the titles of the articles but I threw away the publication before I knew I was going to write about them.

One article I read was about teenagers increased use of vapors. Although this is really not an issue at the elementary school level, my middle school and high school colleagues are concerned about student use of vape products at their levels. The article talked about the strength of nicotine and addictiveness, which is a major concern with vaping products. The author spoke about how different states are trying to increase the age and requirements of purchasing these devices.

Another article I read talked about classroom management and the importance of building relationships with your students. The author in this piece took a different angle to the quote “Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Although the author agrees that building relationships with students is a key component, he also believes that our best teachers also need to know how to teach. He wrote about the importance of engagement, differentiation, and knowing grade level standards.

The last article I read spoke about different ways in which communities and our country can help families living in poverty. This article summarized the research of several different studies and highlighted that not all programs are equally effective. Two specific programs discussed in the article were the Earned Income Tax Credit program and public housing. The Earned Income Tax Credit was one program that showed a positive result in helping high school students graduate and attend college, whereas research showed that public housing was inconsistent in its effect on student achievement.

To end my week, I subbed for Mrs. Roman, our ICT teacher on Friday. I watched our students in grades 3-5 finish an assignment in Google Classroom. I also read two of the potential Ladybug Picture Books, (Hello Goodbye Dog and Bunny’s Book Club) to our K-2 students. It was fun to be back in the classroom!

Have a great weekend!
- Ann