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Reading with Your Children

posted Mar 4, 2016, 10:55 AM by Christine Roman
March 4, 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Since we have started our annual family literacy event, One Book-One School, I did a little research and here are some tips to help as you read The Enormous Egg together.

 Get comfortable:  At home, it’s good to mix reading with warmth and affection.  This can be done with the way in which we read and the location of where we read.  Tuck yourselves under a blanket or quilt on the couch or in a comfy chair. Snuggle with your children, even your older ones!  Smile and tousle their hair.  Lie on the living room floor together.  Try to make reading time feel comfortable and caring.

 Read slowly:  Stop for a couple of seconds about every half page.  The words and the story might be more complex than they are used to and this allows for time to absorb the language.  Sometimes when you stop, just smile.  Your child might do nothing, smile back or add a thought.  All is good!  Sometimes just a nod or kiss on the top of the head works, too. Remember, there’s no rush.

 Let them read too:  Depending on your children’s ability, you can read a paragraph and they can read a paragraph.  For others, pick out the words that they know.  Even if it’s just reading the words “I” or “and”, it helps.  Your saying, “See, you’re on your way to being a reader!” is a powerful message.

 Express yourself (as much as you can):  The power of reading aloud for kids is in developing their ear for language-for what words sound alike and how sentences work.  Capturing that is key and it’s simpler than it might sound.  You don’t have to act out the roles and make it theater; you just have to find the flow-which ones run together, which ones get a bit of emphasis.

 Relax:  Maybe reading isn’t your “thing” or you get nervous.  It is ok.  Remember it is the time you are together and the message of saying that reading is important.  Start off with easier books, preview the chapter before you read it with your children and even share with them that you are a little nervous. Reading to your children is a marathon, not a sprint, so it’s fine if you need some time to build up your own comfort and skill levels.  Just please don’t let that fear or uncertainty stand between your children and what will help them the most.

Our school hopes you enjoy this reading adventure.  Don’t forget to answer and submit the weekly trivia questions.  
Names will be drawn for weekly prizes and then we will have 3 Grand Prize winners at our end of the book celebration.

Have a great weekend!