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October 19, 2019

posted Oct 21, 2018, 12:47 PM by Christine Roman
Dear Parent and Guardians, 

You might have noticed that I wasn’t in school for the past few days. I have been down in Nashua caring for my dad to allow my mom to have a long weekend away. It is both fun and sad to spend time with my dad. His humor and one liners throughout the day makes me laugh. He pokes fun at my cooking and cleaning skills. I try to banter back and forth with him, but in the end, he usually cracks me up enough that I don’t have a comeback. Last night, we sat in the living room watching the Red Sox. During the game, we also reminisced about my playing baseball/softball all the way back to East Little League in Nashua, NH. We have so many great memories together! We also talked about his childhood of living near Boston and how he was able to sneak into Red Sox games. 

For all of those years he helped me, I now return the act by helping him. At times I see and feel him get embarrassed or frustrated, but I try to lighten the mood and we get it done. I remind him that I know he would do it if he could. I am writing this newsletter Friday afternoon at my childhood kitchen table, while he naps in his chair in the living room. In a little bit, I will wake him up and we will take a short walk down the street. We will not make it around the block like we were able to do last spring, but I know how lucky I am that we are still walking together here on earth. 

Have a great weekend and I will be back at school Monday morning!