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October 18, 2019

posted Oct 20, 2019, 1:10 PM by Christine Roman
Dear Parents and Guardians,

With this unexpected day off, I am getting caught up on some things and trying to understand the world of video gaming. I know it is early in the year and I am already behind on writing my formal observations for teachers. Out of all the tasks required by a building principal, I struggle most with writing up these items. It is interesting for me because I believe I am an organized and timely person; however, I will always procrastinate on these! I will do everything on my “to-do” list and more before getting these done.

I have tried different strategies to get them finished in a timely manner such as typing as I observe, blocking off time in my schedule to write, and even closing my office door. Some strategies work better, like closing my door, but others don’t help at all, such as bringing my computer in to type. Also, I feel the pressure because I want the observation to be meaningful for my teachers. I really enjoy meeting with the teachers to have our pre-conference to talk about their planning and goals around the lesson. I love being in the classroom. The discussion and coaching that happens in the post-conference remains the highlight of the experience. Educational research on formal observations is mixed. As with teaching, an administrator needs to develop a solid relationship with the teacher first and then provide helpful suggestions and recommendations. Well, I have two written with only twenty-five more observations to go!

Over the past few years, I have wondered about the lure of video gaming with children, teens, and adults. I have asked to play some games when I have been with my nephews, godchildren and boyfriend’s son. I have read different articles and blogs. This morning I watched a documentary called, “The Celebrity Millionaires of Competitive Gaming” and a CNN investigative report called, “Being 13.” Both shows were interesting and provided me with more information about living in this digital and social media world. I am also trying to become more understanding of why young teens and teens are selecting these options over playing sports, reading a book or playing outside. I still have a lot of learning to do on this subject.

Have a weekend!