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November 16, 2018

posted Nov 19, 2018, 5:28 AM by Christine Roman
Dear Parents/Guardians,

Wow! The weather this week has awakened my senses and honestly has made me a little grumpy! I cannot believe we are talking wind chill, accumulating snow and a snow day! I had to unpack my winter jacket, boots, woolen mittens, and a hat. “Jack Frost” has come too soon!

However, even if winter comes early, we are all hearty New Englanders after all and need to get prepared. If students arrive at school between 7:00 and 7:25 a.m., they head outside to get some fresh air and run around to wake up from a long bus ride. (Some of our students are on the bus for nearly a half hour.) Please have your child dress for playing outdoors (hats, mittens, winter coats, and boots). We go outside until the temperature, factoring in the wind chill, drops below ten degrees. Wearing layers is helpful because sometimes by lunch recess, it has warmed up enough for only a pullover or a jacket.

We are also entering cold and flu season. We are reminding students to wash their hands frequently with warm water. We talk about how coughing and sneezing into their elbows will keep “germs” from spraying out into the classroom. The children are being told not to share drinks or water bottles-another way “germs” are passed along. Moms and Dads - if your children are not feeling well and/or have a fever, keep them home and let them rest. (Remember our 24 hours expectation and district policies.) On a final note, it's important to exercise, eat healthy and drink plenty of water - good everyday habits that will help keep you from getting sick and make illness pass more quickly if you catch a bug.

I'm hoping we'll get one last warm spell before winter truly sets in. But, if we don't, please bundle up and let's stay healthy!