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May 18, 2018

posted May 21, 2018, 5:35 AM by Christine Roman
Dear Parents and Guardians, 

I keep debating with myself about watching the evening news. Almost every night, there is a story about murder, dishonesty, or greed. I sometimes ponder what is our world going to be like in 10 years and I question, “Where did our morals go as a society?” 

When I go to those negative places, I try to bring myself back and look at the positive. What is it that makes me smile and warms my heart? To me, it is the smile of a newborn baby. It is the laughter of kids playing on the playground. It is watching a teenager take her grandmother grocery shopping. I enjoy receiving a random text from a friend. It is talking to my mom and hearing my dad had a “good day.” 

What is it that makes you smile? Could it be that your child does his homework without complaining? Or maybe it’s when, after a long day of work, your spouse looks at you lovingly over dinner. Is it that the work week is over? 

Each day I hope we try to find those unknown treasures. I love being a principal at the elementary level because each day I receive at least 3 unexpected hugs! I also see students holding the door for peers and adults. At morning bus duty, students greet me with a hello and some with a “how are you doing?” We can all be the giver of small tokens to warm people’s heart and make someone smile. Taking time to give a compliment, calling a friend just to say hi, stopping at the grocery store and picking up flowers, or turning off the electronics for the night and playing a board game with friends or family members can all make the difference in someone’s day. 

What would happen this weekend if we all decided to give a little something of ourselves to someone else? My wish is that each of us will give and receive a small token that will put a smile on our faces. Have a great weekend!