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March 30, 2018

posted Mar 31, 2018, 2:40 PM by Christine Roman
Dear Parents and Guardians, 
It is starting to look and act like Spring. The snow is melting, boots are caked with mud, and it is Easter weekend. This year, the start of Passover also coincides with Easter weekend. Tomorrow, Loyola-Chicago will take on Michigan in the Final Four. The underdog team is still alive in the tournament! 

I have had a fun and busy week. I had the opportunity to teach on Monday, as we didn’t have a substitute teacher for Ms. Conway’s class. I enjoyed spending the day in the classroom teaching the students! A parent volunteer came in the afternoon to read the book Yucky Worms, talk about soil, and share with the class the potless plant she bought for the class. On Wednesday, I substituted for music. I was in each classroom and our students learned how to play the game, Left Center Right (LCR). The students learned that this is a game of chance. It was an enjoyable day. Plus, it was a great way for me to continue to build relationships with all of our students. Later Wednesday night, I helped with our K-2 Family Math Game Night. I taught the families a new game called Num Tanga. If you were not able to attend Math Night visit the website, http://gregtangmath.com to see and play the different games. Thursday was a busy day in my office catching up on my job as principal! 

Have you hear about 50 in 50? I don’t know if one of my high school peers made this up or not, but I am going to go with it. I am going to try to lose 50 pounds in my 50th year of life. So starting on Monday, I will be walking (and maybe eventually jogging) every day from 4:00-4:45 p.m. My plan is to pack a bag in the morning and then set my cellphone alarm for 4:00 p.m. At that point, I will get up from my desk at school and take a walk. So if you see me down on Main Street or even Route 104, don’t worry, I am not lost! To really make this goal happen, I also need to change my eating habits. More to come on that at a later date—one step at a time! 

Have a nice weekend!