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Lunchroom Manners

posted Apr 17, 2016, 4:39 AM by Christine Roman
April 15, 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Along with academic skills, we work with our students to develop some “soft skills” such as teamwork, perseverance, determination, character, honesty and manners.  Overall this year, our students’ lunchroom manners have appeared to be falling short of what we have seen in years past.  Our faculty and staff have tried different strategies in addressing these concerns, and we will continue to work on these behaviors.  However, we thought that at this point, asking parents to review our lunchroom expectations with their children could be helpful.

As a school community, we expect that our students during lunch will:

 Use their manners throughout the lunchtime—ie., please/thank-you; keep unwanted food in its place on the tray; use appropriate silverware.

 Stand patiently in the serving line with enough space between each other so as not to be pushing or shoving.

 Walk at all times.

 Speak with peers at their table with an “inside, 6-inch” voice.

 Sit on their stools and keep their feet on the ground.

 Clear their trash and lunch trays in a quiet and respectful manner.

 Have appropriate lunchroom and school conversations with peers.

 Focus on eating.

We appreciate you taking a few minutes over this weekend to discuss the importance of having and displaying correct manners and behaviors.

Enjoy this spring weather weekend!