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June 7, 2019

posted Jun 9, 2019, 1:55 PM by Christine Roman
Dear Parents/Guardians,
Well, the Boston Bruins lost game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals to the St. Louis Blues. Their whole season is down game 6! If they win, their season will continue to the final game of the season-game 7. But if they lose game 6, their season will be over. As we wind down our school year, do our students, teachers, administration, and staff feel like they are “playing their final games right now?” Starting this week and continuing for the next few weeks, students will take different end-of-the-year assessments. Do our students realize that this is their “game 6”? Do they realize that the work they did on the first day of school plays a role in the outcome of the “game”? For many, the hours of reading at home, doing homework, listening in class, and being engaged in the different activities will help them achieve success. This “game” cannot be played without the help of teammates and coaches. Working together with their classmates every day makes a difference. But this “game” cannot be won without the leadership of their coaches—teachers, interventionists, support staff and most of all, their #1 coach—YOU!

I hope the Bruins and Coach Bruce Cassidy will be as prepared for their “game 6” Sunday night as our students are right now. Having been in a few “final games” myself as a coach and athlete, it is one of the most exciting and nerve racking experiences. But if you have done the hard work, put in the time at practice, studied the game, and grown from individual athletes into a team, you have a much better chance
of being victorious in the end. Just like our students are prepared to show us all the knowledge and skills they have gained throughout this year.

Have a great weekend & GO BRUINS!


PS. On a personal note, I would like to thank our amazing faculty, staff, district administration, and parents for their support over the past few weeks. I was out all of last week due to the death of my dad. The outpouring of cards, texts, flowers, and people attending his wake and funeral was remarkable. These gestures helped me get through the most challenging week of my life and for that, I will be forever grateful.