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January 25, 2019

posted Jan 28, 2019, 8:30 AM by Christine Roman
Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our Attendance Committee meets monthly to review our overall school attendance and individual student attendance. In these meetings, we share information about illnesses, family vacations and to see if attendance has improved. We look at attendance with a 10% combination lens understanding that there are sicknesses, doctor appointments and other reasons for absences, tardiness, and dismissals.

Here is data from our most recent look at attendance.
83 days of school
 As a school—we have had students absent 399.5 days
 Our average daily attendance is at 94.5%
 Students have lost 2,596 hours of instruction because of being absent
 Only 4 out of 89 students have perfect attendance (no absences, tardies or dismissals)
 29% of our students have been absent 7 or more days from school
 24% of our school have 4 or more tardies

While balancing the understanding that the best practice is to stay home when sick, we encourage families to instill the importance of regular school attendance as a preparation for future work and other life endeavors. Keeping students home because they are tired and other reasons, sends a mixed message regarding the value of school. Having over a quarter of our student population with considerable absences and tardiness is a concern. Students need to be in the classroom learning the curriculum, mastering the standards, and socializing with peers. We will continue to send letters home regarding attendance. We will meet with individual families to address concerns. Our custodial staff will clean desktops, door handles and our water fountain on a more regular basis during cold & flu season. I am hoping these numbers will improve in the second half of our school year.

Have a fabulous weekend!