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posted Oct 12, 2015, 1:55 PM by Christine Roman

October 8, 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians,

A friend of mine gave me a gift of a daily devotional guide called The Upper Room.  One of the writings was entitled, “Impressions.”  A piece of it caught my eye and started me thinking.  It stated, “Every day we leave behind us attitudes and feelings that have a powerful effect on those who ‘find’ them.  Perhaps we leave happiness, positive ideas and thoughts, kindness and love.  Or maybe we leave behind us bitterness, jealousy, unhappiness, hatred and conflict.”

The writing made me reflect on my attitude and caused me to take a look back.  Being in education is a precious thing.  Our job performance influences not only what happens today but we are making an impact on the future leaders of the world. I believe that teaching is a gift and we must realize that our students will use the “presents” we give them for the rest of their lives.

Will those “presents” be kindness, perseverance, sportsmanship, empathy, ownership and confidence? Or will they be frustration, selfishness, and discouragement?

I believe as educators we are role models.  And we need to understand that our students are always watching!  They are watching to see if we are prepared for our lessons, they are observing how we interact with colleagues and they listen to our conversations while we are on playground duty.  They want us to have clear expectations, be consistent with our discipline and challenge them academically.  But they also want us to hear them when they are having a bad day and understand the need to be heard.

So when I wake up tomorrow, I will try to take 30 seconds to remember that my actions leave impressions.  At night when my head hits the pillow, I want to know that those impressions left were on the positive end of the spectrum. 

Have a great, extra-long weekend,