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Fun Opportunities

posted Jun 6, 2016, 2:28 AM by Christine Roman
June 3, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Every night this week, I have been busy with different events and responsibilities. During these times, a number of fun opportunities have presented themselves. The evening sky on the drive home Tuesday night was incredible. The yellows, oranges and reds were amazing. I actually sat in my car for an extra few minutes, just admiring the sight. Since our school day starts early, on some mornings, as I sit at my kitchen table having coffee and breakfast, I watch the fog lift from Cardigan Mountain or see the sun start to shine on its ridge. Last night, I had the opportunity to watch our alumni be recognized and celebrated for their accomplishments at the high school’s Class of 2016 Senior Night. It was fun to watch former NHCS students being called up to the stage to receive their awards.

What were other fun opportunities I had this week?

 A family of deer walking through my back yard

 Watching our fifth graders work together on their art chairs

 Having a brief conversation with a third grade student about the NBA finals and his choice of basketball jersey to wear

 The smile on the faces of the kindergarten students as they celebrated reading a book in my office

 Watching the reactions of our third graders as they held baby chicks

 Listening to some fourth grade students share their experiences of touring the State House

 Talking with many staff during their end-of- the-year meetings with me

Maybe around your dinner table this weekend, you can talk about all the “fun opportunities” you had this week.

Hope you have a great weekend.

“Man would not have attained the possible unless time and again he had reached out for the impossible.”—Max Weber