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Easter Candy

posted Mar 25, 2016, 9:49 AM by Christine Roman
Dear Parents/Guardians,

With Easter this weekend, it got me thinking about what my favorite Easter Candy is?  It is funny, but I still love getting an Easter basket!  Over the years, my basket has changed.  As a child, we each got our own basket and hunted for plastic eggs with our first initial on them.  When we were teenagers, we had a family basket and instead of looking for eggs, we each got a small gift.  Now as an adult, I still receive a small Easter basket from my family.

In the Nashua Mall, there was a Fanny Farmer chocolate store.  Every year in my basket, there would be a butter cream egg.  It was a favorite of mine.  It was a sad Easter when the store closed!  Over the years since then, my parents and sister have tried to find a replacement egg.  Finally, a few years back, my sister found a butter cream egg which is very similar-tasting to those old Fanny Farmer eggs.  She found the egg at the candy store in the Mill Falls Shopping Center in Meredith, NH.  So on Sunday morning, although I will snack on a few malted milk balls, taste a few jelly beans, the best item will be center stage, sitting nicely on the shiny green plastic grass!

Enjoy the great weather this weekend.  This will be an Easter when we will be able to hold our Easter egg hunts outside. Have a blast!