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December 9, 2019

posted Dec 9, 2019, 5:28 AM by Christine Roman
Dear Parents and Guardians,

Progress Report Cards are coming home in a white envelope in your child’s backpack tonight. Please take them out and review them. This is a new format this year! If you have attended our Open House and/or Parent-Teacher conference, you have received some information about the manner in which we are reporting out your child’s progress. We also emailed out a district created memo the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. Since I reviewed each child’s progress report this week, I thought I would also share a few things.
     This format can be overwhelming! It also includes a lot of “education” terms and jargon.
     We had some formatting issues—sorry that they couldn’t be done front and back to save paper. That will be something that we will try to fix for next term. We wanted our                 teachers to focus on teaching and learning.
     Remember all of these competencies/skills are END OF THE YEAR expectations!
     It is fine if your child has a lot of 1’s and 2’s on this report
        o This report only captures 57 days of learning. We still have 123 days of school and learning to take place!
        o In order to score a 3 your child needs to consistently and independently demonstrate the ability to apply and transfer essential content, knowledge, and skills.
     At this time of the year, most students still need practice and support.
     Reading texts become harder and more challenging as the year progresses, so that is why in our English/Language Arts the vast majority of our students will have scores of 1’s         and 2’s.
        o Some of the skills have two or three components and if a student hasn’t been taught or demonstrating the application of essential content and knowledge of all of those skills             in an assessment—they will have a score of 1.
     In the Habits of Learning section—each heading has at least 2 or more skills. For example, if your child actively participates in class, but is still working on listening, he/she will         not be receiving a 3 in that section because not all are showing proficiency.
     The Habits of Learning is scored by the classroom teacher that sees your child in both structured and unstructured times of the school day.
     Each student now has competencies for Specialists. These scores are what the student is demonstrating and assessed on during these once a week lessons. Students have been         to these classes only 10-11 times this school year. What should you do if you have any questions or concerns?

#1—Call or email myself or your child’s classroom teacher. We are more than willing to call and/or sit down with you to review your child’s progress report.
#2—Keep having your child read each and every night! Visit our NHCS ICT website for different resources.
#3—Talk and review the progress report with your child. Celebrate their progress and look for one or two areas, including the Habits of Learning section, in which your child can                work on improving over the next month.

I hope this article provided some information and relieved some stress and worry. Remember that scores are only one aspect of a child’s schooling experience. We want our students to feel safe coming to school, enjoy getting to know peers and grow friendships, feel supported and loved by our faculty and staff. In addition, we want parents to know that we are on this journey together and to reach out at any time.

Have a great weekend!