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Brilliant Students

posted Sep 30, 2016, 10:09 AM by Christine Roman

September 30, 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians,

“There is a brilliant child locked inside every student.”  Every time I read this quote located on my bulletin board it makes me stop and ponder.  It challenges me to review my decisions, evaluate my focus, inspire my colleagues and communicate this belief with students.

First and foremost, it reminds me that as educators we must show patience and understanding.  It takes special keys to unlock the door to knowledge for our students; there isn’t a “master key” that fits every child’s individual needs.  Teachers and staff members must carry with them imaginary key rings filled with different keys, trying to find the right one for each student—a difficult and time-consuming task, and we must show persistence, perseverance, grit and determination to help each child blossom.

Brilliant!  I seldom hear that word used to describe students.  You’ll hear children called smart, happy, a good reader, athletic, and so on, but brilliant?  Isn’t that word reserved for people like Mozart?  What if we used the term more often...when we refer to our students?  I know I feel proud and happy when my boss tells me I’ve had a “brilliant idea.”  That’s better than good, or even great.  Brilliant strikes me as better than “awesome!”  Don’t we want each child’s brilliance set free?

“There is a brilliant child locked inside very student.”  So true.  The radiance of knowledge can shine from every student, not just a limited few.  We must believe that every student can succeed at achieving scholarship.  We must cherish each one as they are, teach, and mentor them by example along their journey to greatness.  We must provide different avenues for them to show their wisdom.  Who knows where they’ll be twenty or thirty year from now?  It is our job as elementary educators to plant the seed in them—the desire for knowledge that will grow into scholarship and experience that brings opportunity.

I post quotes that I like within my office.  Each time I glance at this one about the brilliance of our students, I renew my own pledge to our important charge—teachers and parents alike—of ensuring that every student’s potential is achieved.

Have a great weekend…a most brilliant one!

P.S.  A special shout out to all the parents who have volunteered over the past month with Picture Day, the Book Fair, chaperoning field trips and attending our PTO meeting.  Also, a special thanks to students and staff from the New Hampton School for spending their time at NHCS during their service learning day on Wednesday.