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April 3, 2015

posted Apr 6, 2015, 12:19 PM by jmarcotte@sau4.org
Dear Parents/Guardians,


Earlier this winter, I wrote about my elementary experiences and told you at a later date I would share my other schooling experiences.  So this week, I will reminisce about my junior high years at Spring Street School.


In Nashua at that time, junior high included grades 7-9.  If you went back to Nashua today, you would not find Spring Street School.  Actually, all of the schools that I attended in Nashua have changed (Crowley is now the Adult Education Program, Spring Street is a court house, Nashua High is now Nashua South).


I was really nervous going into junior high.  But these are the years I remember with smiles, laughter and fond memories.  In 7th grade, they placed you in “houses”.  You had the same group of students in your major classes (math, science, social studies and English).  I had a very funny 7th grade math teacher, Ms. Houde.  She had a nickname for me -  TURKEY.  She called me that because I could figure out the complicated problems, but made mistakes on the easier ones.  She always wrote on an overhead projector and she kept the class moving.  In 7th grade, I failed a quarter of home economics.  It was the sewing unit!  I remember my teacher’s comment one day, “Ann, I don’t understand how you can be so coordinated on the basketball court, but you have no coordination with a needle and thread.” I was the master of taking out stitches and I never finished my project. Instead, she let me organize and clean the kitchen for the summer break.


Playing sports was another highlight during those three years.  I played volleyball, basketball and softball.  I had some amazing coaches during those years.  Coach Hughes taught me all I know about volleyball.  I was fortunate enough to 
have her coach me in both junior high and high school. Mr. Prive was my basketball and softball coach.  He taught me about hard work, dedication and confidence.  During study halls, we were able to go to Mr. Prive’s room to watch films of the games.  During that time, I learned how to do a shooting chart, break down films and do the book.  Mr. Prive took a special interest in his athletes and kept an eye on us.   Softball was my favorite.  Mr. Prive was the head coach, but my dad was a volunteer coach.  Dad must have hit over 10,000 fly balls to the outfield.  He also was the batter during “situations”; since I was the catcher, Dad would explain every situation and scenario with me. It was a blast! 


There were two other important people during my years at Spring Street.  Those two people were Mr. Lancourt and Mrs. Prive. Mr. Lancourt really did not know a lot about sports, but he was there for every game.  He also would give us rides to softball practice. His sense of humor, willingness to help, and lack of understanding of basketball were other important lessons in balance.  He would remind us to laugh and have fun!  Mrs. Prive (Mr. Prive’s wife) taught 9th grade home economics.  She was gentle and kind.  When my Dad got sick during my 8th grade year, she was always there with a smile and would check in to see how we were holding up.


Have a great weekend and Happy Easter and Passover to those who celebrate….