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April 10, 2015

posted May 11, 2015, 9:34 AM by jmarcotte@sau4.org
Service Providers--Heroes

Dear Parents/Guardians,

One of my morning meetings finished early this week, so I was able to get outside and greet students and families prior to school.  It was fun to watch parents and children interact during this drop-off time.  It also reminded me of how many parents we have working as service providers.  There were a handful of dads already dressed in their police officer uniforms.  We had a few parents wearing their hospital scrubs.  A few parents said their quick good-byes and were off to teach.

On television this week, I have seen many ads for the upcoming Police vs. Fire Hockey CHAD Hockey Game.  At our DES PTO meeting, two of our parents had on their pagers, ready to go put on their fire gear if they were called in.  Last night, I had a meeting at the TTCC and they were just finishing up a local blood drive.

These people who have devoted their time, passion and careers to help others are our true heroes!  Our students don’t have to look far to find them!  They are our relatives, friends, and neighbors.  These heroes often go unnoticed and when you ask, they will generally say, “I am just doing my job.”  

As I was writing this Corner, I was hoping to find a simple poem or quote to summarize my thoughts and feelings.  I just couldn’t find the right piece.  

So in closing, I would just like to say—THANK YOU!

Have a great weekend.