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posted Sep 13, 2014, 11:08 AM by jmarcotte@sau4.org

Spending time with a 4-year old

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As one of my stress relievers this week, on Thursday night I went over to a friend’s house for dinner. After dinner, I spent some time playing with her 4-year-old son. It was just what I needed.

We traveled to Antarctica by plane (and it was only a 2 hour trip). We had to make sure we packed some warm clothes, our sleeping bags and food. Once upstairs in Antarctica, he built us a fire so that we could have some s’mores. In order to cook my s’mores, I used a sling-shot and plastic hot dog bun. He had set up “rocks” (pillows) around the fire for us to sit upon. After a few minutes by the fire, I told my travel partner that I was tired from our flight. So he decided that we should go to bed. Once he had set me up with a blanket, pillow and area, he turned off the lights. I started to snore (which caused many giggles) but then I woke up saying I was scared of the dark and I thought I heard polar bear noises. My friend found his night-light and told me, “Don’t worry and go back to sleep because it is still the middle of the night.” A minute later, I whined that I was hungry and not tired. My friend got up again and brought some plastic fruits and food from the other room . When I said I wanted a candy bar, he told me, “That is too sugary” so I decided on a piece of pizza. After having my snack, we went back to bed. Not a minute into sleeping, I told my friend that I needed to go to the bathroom. Giggles started and he told me, “Alright, let’s get up for the day.”

After making our beds, we went into the other room to get ready to go ice fishing. I again used my trusty sling-shot as a fishing pole. My friend drilled a hole in the ice for me, using his bullhorn and I was all set to fish. Boy, did I catch a great big salmon! But my friend informed me that there are no salmon up in Antarctica!

At this point, his mom reminded him that he still had a frog in the bucket outside and he needed to go release it back into the brook. So we put our sneakers on and outside we went. My friend asked me if I wanted to hold the frog and I passed. We walked down to the brook to find just the right spot to release the frog. After he gave many kisses to the frog (which I also passed on doing), he gently placed it in the water. However, he really wasn’t ready to say good-bye. So he showed me how he could use his net to catch it. I was also taught the correct method to release the frog in the water, using the net, and how to sneak up on the frog and catch him again. After many more frog kisses and words of admiration, finally the frog found just the right spot for the night.

Our last adventure was to have a special ice cream treat so we talked about his plans for tomorrow.

Although I had a ton of school work to do last night, I am so glad I took the time to spend it with my friend’s son. He was able to give my brain some time off from my worries and concerns about work, provide me with some fresh air, allow me to be silly by living in a “make-pretend world” for a while and to smile and laugh!

It was just what I needed….

Have a great weekend!